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‘Power Outage, Poor Road Network Killing Farming Business In Nigeria’

ERRACTIC power supply and poor road network have been described as capable of killing farming business in Nigeria if the government of the day fails to do the needful as quickly as possible.

Making this assretion was the Chairman of Folhope Limited, a company renown for integrated farming which includes livestock production, arable crop production, aquaculture among others which based in Ibadan, Chief Emmanuel Ogunnaike (MFR), while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune in his office last weekend.

Ogunnaike, pointed out that adequate power supply and good road network play a critical role in the farming business. He noted that:”As pultry farmers we need regular power supply to carry out our day-to-day operations effectively but when we do not have electricity supply, we depend largely on the use of power generating set and a litre of diesel as of today is between N240 to N250. Nobody can use that for agricultural production and make a significant progress.

“Another issue is that of exorbitant billing from DisCos, when the bill being brought does not commensurate with the amount of power supplied then it becomes a problem. It means you are paying for what you do not consume and as a result of that it simply meansd you are running at a loss.

“Therefore, I think the government should critically look into this if they truly want to develop the agriculture sector. Because the agriculture sector remains the most important sector of the economy”. He said.

Talking about good road network, Ogunnaike, argued that without a good road network particularly from the remote communities where most of agricultural products are being brought to the cities, farmers will continue to face serious challenges which may eventually force them to quit the business.

Speaking on what he described as the activities of local government touts who he said extort farmers on their way to and from the farm under the guise of revenue collection. He posited that relevant government authorities should look into this and call them to order. He stated that their actions are frustrating the efforts of the farmers who go out to farms on daily basis to produce food for the consumption of the masses.

Source: https://www.tribuneonlineng.com/185528/


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